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November 16 2015

John Anthony Ruhl: He and Babe Sailed on the Same Boat

May 08 2015

70 Years This Week Since Babe’s Death in Italy

October 09 2014

Today Would Have Been Babe’s 90th Birthday

September 10 2014

Would Babe Have Had Enough Points to Come Home?

September 09 2014

The Last Letter to Babe

September 08 2014

A Letter from My Grandfather on VE Day

September 05 2014

My Grandmother Writes 3 Days After Babe’s Death; Doesn’t Yet Know He’s Gone

September 04 2014

‘We Just Heard That the War is Over in Italy’

September 03 2014

‘Someday I’ll Tell You a Lot of Things That I Can’t Tell You Right Now’

September 02 2014

My Uncle Bob Writes to His Brother

August 25 2014

New Information from a Visit to the Archives

August 22 2014

‘Sure Was Good to Hear You Are All Right’

August 18 2014

A Wicked Display of Babe’s Sense of Humor

August 15 2014

Carol Tavares Was Probably a Teenaged Pen Pal to the Soldiers in World War II

August 14 2014

‘It Looks Like Peace in Europe Isn’t too Far Away’

August 13 2014

From My Grandfather to His Son, Babe

August 12 2014

That Thing about Cars Is Seemingly Universal

August 11 2014

‘Rosemarie Is Going to Start School Soon, Huh?’

August 08 2014

Did Babe Have a Sweetheart on Long Island?

August 07 2014

From My Grandmother to Her Son, Babe
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